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How to get Started Sending your First Campaign

Ready to get start sending your first campaign? Here are some steps to follow for your text messaging marketing strategy to be the most successful.

  1. Determine the content you want to send

    When pondering over what type of content you want to send, you need to think of it like it is a premium format of content, a text message is typically very short, so the information you include in your promotional message should be very valuable and concise, something that will instantly captivate your target market and get them to opt-in as soon as they see your text.

    All previous studies show that customers are attracted to price-based deals, so if you offer them something like 20% off of any food item on the menu or a combo of 2 for the price of 1, you are guaranteed to generate more sales and not only get your money back, but get a substantial revenue from your marketing investment.

    So your text message offers and promotions should be precise with a call-to-action that is clear and easy to follow. Think about the type of content that you can send to your loyal customers and subscribers to drive more sales and add more value so that they’re motivated to stay opted-in to your list.

  1. Build your list of subscribers

    The first thing you wanna do after writing the final draft of your text message promotion is building a list of subscribers and getting people to opt-in so you can send them your deals and offers.

    You can do that via in-store signs, opt-in form on your WiFi network, social media posts, creating hashtags tailored to your own restaurant, letting customers know when they visit your restaurant, or if you can afford to allot a slightly higher budget, then you could also promote your text messaging campaign on banner ads or even on the radio.

  1. Offer a great incentive

    Because the open rate for text messages is at 98%, it essentially means that your customers will see all text messages you send them, so you can tell how valuable a person’s phone number really is.

    A research study has found that customers are 520% more likely to give up their personal data, a phone number for instance, if there’s some sort of incentive from the business that encourages them to give that information. The main goal of a text message marketing campaign is to drive people to come to your restaurant, and in order to do that, you need people to know about your restaurant in the first place, so you do that by collecting a substantial database of subscribers and sending them text messages to inform them about your restaurant.

    But how do you grow your list of subscribers you ask, well, simply by getting more phone numbers added to your text message marketing campaign, and to get those phone numbers, you need to offer a pretty good incentive, something of great value that will make people willing to opt-in. If you want to grow your SMS subscribers even faster, we recommend offering all subscribers an immediate after opt-in promotion, so the moment they subscribe they get a “welcome coupon” code or a “buy one get one” deal.

  1. Techniques and strategies that will grab anyone’s attention

    So suppose you’re having a slow day at the restaurant, it’s the middle of the week and it’s lunch hour, you need more traffic, and you need it fast. All you have to do is send a text message to your subscribers and clientele, let them know that if they come for lunch, you can offer them some on-the-spot discounts on their appetizer, or on any item of the menu. Offer them a free drink or dessert to accompany their meal, they have to eat lunch anyway, might as well get them to eat it at your restaurant, since they are familiar with the place, they know what to expect, and who doesn’t love free stuff! That way, you get to fill your restaurant tables, get in-store traffic, and you make your customers happy with the deals and promotional offers you provided them with, they are most certainly guaranteed to come back, and engage with your future text messages.

    Mobile marketing is constantly evolving, and if you are looking for innovative ways to advertise your restaurant and bring in more customers, you need to capitalize on text message marketing, take advantage of our platform’s resources and get the essential exposure your business needs, try it for yourself and expand your restaurant’s reach.

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