SwiftConnect has three different user roles. The roles are as follows:

  • Global Administrator

  • Site Administrator

  • User

Let’s define each role so we can understand how everything works:

1. The “Global Administrator” role has access to all sites, and is able to create “Site Administrators”. A site is defined exactly the same as in the UniFi® Controller. An “Global Administrator” can create/delete users for any site, manage device from any site, and manually authorize devices from any site.

3. The “Site Administrator” role is exactly like the “Administrator” except this role only has access to one site that is defined when the account is created.

4. The “User” role is meant for the individual that would like to manage the devices they have connected to the network through the SwiftConnect™ Device Manager. The number of devices a user can manage is defined when the account is created and can by modified at any time by a Global Administrator or Site Administrator.