The ‘user’ role is meant for the individual that would like to manage the devices they would like to connect to the network through the SwiftConnect℠ interface. The number of devices a user can manage is defined when the account is created and can by modified at any time by an Administrator or Site Administrator.

A user account will be created by either an ‘Administrator’ or a ‘Site Administrator’. Administrators may create user account for any site, while a Site Administrator may only create users for the site they are assigned to.

Here are the steps to create a user account:

Step 1

Login into SwiftConnect™ as an Adminstrator or a Site Administrator:
  • Example

Step 2

Click on ‘Manage Users’:
  • Example

Step 3

Click on the button ‘Create New User’:
  • Example

Step 4

Fill in the user information for the new user:
  • Example

Step 5

When all fields are properly filled out click the ‘Create User’ button.

There are a couple important items to keep in mind when creating a user:

  • Under groups make sure you have the ‘User’ box checked and the ‘Home’ icon also selected prior to creating the user.
  • Email must be setup properly here as a verification email will be sent after creation, this is when the password will be created.
  • The number of devices you allow initially can be changed at a later time if needed.