All-In-One Business Text Messaging

SMS messaging services help your rental business enhance marketing and communication strategies by enabling 1-on-1 texting on a dedicated number.

Why Choose SwiftConnect for Business Text Services?

Whether you manage 10 rental units or 1000 rental units, business text messaging might be right for you.

Two-Way Messaging

Enage with potential renters through a text they initiate.

Offer Specials

Use keywords to offer incentives. Text FREE to get one month free!

Eliminate Phone Tag

Cut back on missed calls. Follow up with text messaging instead.

Reach Potential Renters

Use keywords to capture new rental leads and send rental information.

Maximize Sales

Stay on top of leads, prospects, and clients with built-in features.

Send Alerts

Have time-sensitive info? Send texts to large groups instantly.

Why Should Your Business Use Texting?

Building a brand requires memorability and responsiveness.

Unlock the full range of benefits text marketing has to offer. Advertise our keywords on signs and banners around your property. This gives you the chance to connect with every lead and deliver 5-star service.

Business Texting Is Better for Customer Support

Don’t just take our word for it, see what the industry experts have to say.


66% of consumers either prefer mobile messaging or consider it their second choice for communications when compared to phone and email.


70% of consumers want to use mobile messaging for troubleshooting, and nearly two-thirds want to use it for purchases or reservations.


85% of Millennials and 54% of non-Millennials would pay more for a product/service that has mobile messaging support.

Start Sending Texts as Soon as Today

We built our business text messaging service to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.

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