the service


Made for the service industry. Collect phone numbers and/or email addresses. Create SMS or email campaigns. Integrates with MailChimp with ease.

Onboarding the service industry brilliantly.

Device Control

Set the number of devices allowed per user.

  • Device limit set by Admin
  • Different limit for each user
  • Easy to add/delete devices

User Accounts

Each user (or apartment unit) is given a login to add and delete.

  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Register from splash page
  • Access from anywhere


Forces organization of allowed network devices by having a limit.

  • Plan network capacity
  • See devices by unit/account
  • Manual authorization by Admin

Captive Portal

Highly customizable captive portal allows access to user dashboard.

  • Easy to customize
  • Add MAC from portal
  • Responsive design

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