the rental


Perfect for apartment properties and condominiums. Your users will be given an easy way to bring on their new devices and an easy way to remove their old devices.

Onboarding the Rental market with easy.

Device Control

Define the number of devices that each resident can connect to your network at one time. Allow residents to add and remove devices at their convenience.

  • Device limit set by Admin
  • Customizable for each user
  • Easy to add/delete devices

User Accounts

Each user (or apartment unit) is given a login their individual device manager profile.

  • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Register from splash page
  • Access from anywhere


Forces organization of allowed network devices by having a limit.

  • Plan network capacity
  • See devices by unit/account
  • Manual authorization by Admin

Captive Portal

Highly customizable captive portal allows access to user dashboard.

  • Easy to customize
  • Add MAC from portal
  • Responsive design

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