SwiftConnect™ software is a platform that allows the use of unique captive portals specific to certain environments. There are multiple captive portals currently available and more to come in the future.

Current captive portals and their intended use:

  1. Managed Signup – Best suited for the rental markets such as Apartments, Student Properties, HOAs, etc.
  2. Self Signup – Best suited for Stadiums and public areas where easy of access is necessary, but the ability to track devices by valid email or phone number is also imperative.
  3. Concierge Portal – Best suited for hotels, motels, resorts, etc. Allows for sign up through email and SMS, provided by a front desk receptionist. The highlight is the ability to send text messages to check-in guests.

Available as a cloud-managed service. SwitfConnect™ software lets network administrators painlessly manage user devices, while easily and automatically integrating with existing access on your UniFi® controller.

Overview video: