Let’s go through an example of what each field needs to contain when adding a new site to SwiftConnect℠:

  • Example

  • UniFi Controller URL: This is the URL for your UniFi® server (i.e. http://myunifiserver.com:8443)
  • UniFi Controller Version:Version of the UniFi® server you are running. This must be updated manually if your update your server.
  • UniFi Controller Username: This is the username you use to login to your UniFi® server.
  • UniFi Controller Password: This is the password you use to login to your UniFi® server.[
  • UniFi Controller Site ID: This is the Site ID for the site you wish to connect to SwiftConnect℠ (i.e. https://myunifiserver.com:8443/manage/s/k33kw5zs/dashboard).
  • Active: Set to ‘Yes’ to have this site functional within the SwiftConnect℠ interface.